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Not only are tree stumps unsightly, they can serve as a home for a multitude of unwanted pests and critters. The stump grinding services here at Associated Tree Services Inc. will quickly take care of any stumps you have that need removal. Our customers would agree that there is no better company to hire for stump grinding and stump removal in all of Bristol, VA.

The stump of a large tree is the base that supported what was once a truly enormous living structure. The roots of a stump can travel far underground, making it impossible to dig it out with a shovel. To get rid of stumps on your property, there a two different options at our disposal:

● Tree Stump Grinding—This is typically the best option for most people. We bring in highly advanced machines that roll over the stump and grind it down to the ground level. The stump is then covered in dirt, and in time will decay and rot away.

● Tree Stump Removal—This is a more substantial process. The stump and the attached root system are completely removed, leaving no trace behind. Because the root systems can be many times wider than the stump itself, it is very important to hire an expert who knows exactly what to do.

Whatever your needs, a certified arborist will always be at your side and advising you along the way. Whether you want to remove your stumps through grinding or uproot them completely, Associated Tree Services Inc. is here to help. For more information, give us a call now!